Emman & Monique – Manila Wedding

e & m-1354_400x266WEDDING DATE: December 20, 2009 

A major part of a bride’s dream is to have her picture with that very plump and elegant wedding bouquet clasped in her hands, and indeed it was a wish come true for me.

I knew Ms. Maybelle thru a common friend who strongly recommended her to me and little did I knew that it would open new doors for me to finding the perfect wedding florist  and a wonderful friend.
 The first time I had my meeting with Ms. Maybelle, I quickly sensed that this woman knows what she is selling…. She had this passion I did not see with the previous florists that I have met before her. I was always quite skeptical about people and Ms. Maybelle in the first instance proved to me that she knows what she is doing and that she knows each of her flowers indeed very well.

 Ms. Maybelle is uncanny, as she does not impose what she likes, but would gladly hear out what you have in mind…. Figuratively she asked me to paint my perfect flower arrangement. Never did I feel that she was impatient, but she was always attentive and full of vigor. But after I have told her what I had in mind, there was something in me that pushed me to say “I trust you and now I leave it to you.” It was a gamble I would never regret.

 On my wedding day, the flowers were better than I dreamed of… far better than I expected. Ms. Maybelle’s creativity indeed emerged from the beautiful floral arrangement she made on my bouquet, my entourage and of course my hotel reception. It was better than I envisioned, so far better. I got all what I dreamed of and even something better.

Ms. Maybelle’s love for flowers has opened her eyes to make her flowers as her canvass… and the finished product is her masterpiece. If Ms. Maybelle, could indeed draw in her mind and sketch the beautiful colors with the perfect combination of the size and kind of flower….. she would be a magnificent painter.

But although she was not able to paint like a Picasso, she has indeed painted in my memory a lasting masterpiece of her work that made my wedding truly a perfect one.

 Thank you Ms. Maybelle, we have been privileged to have you as our florist… but we feel more blessed to have you as a friend.

Emman & Monique

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