Bert & Grace – Manila Wedding

grace & bert_218x300WEDDING DATE: JANUARY 16, 2010

Go For Flowers is another supplier we found by chance in last May’s wedding fair.

We are really happy with the look of the flowers, most especially my wife with her bouquet. Ms Maybelle designed it perfectly as what my wife described it on our meetings.
Delivery was early too. The flowers were already in the hotel by 10:30 AM, just  right time for some photo shoot with Extremedetails.
Happy thoughts: Ms Maybelle was also friendly in talking to her clients and always keeps a smile on her face .Same goes with the staff that delivered the goods on our wedding day She even gave us a fresh pot of flowers on our last meeting as a remembrance.
She is also the one of the suppliers that has NO hassles, NO stress, and most of all, agreed to our requests at no extra charge.
The downside: We never saw Maybelle on our wedding day, we are really looking forward to meeting her that day to personally say thanks. But we understand that, I think there are 3 or 4 weddings that Ms Maybelle was booked to that Saturday. Maybe we are just jealous that we are not the chosen couple where she will be present.