Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

Funeral and sympathy flowers are an integral part of the funeral process and have been a memorial tradition throughout history. Choosing an appropriate floral arrangement can communicate a very personal and symbolic message to grieving friends and loved ones. In times of mourning, there are few things to ease the loss of losing a loved one. The floral arrangement that you choose will express your sympathy to the family in a comforting and compassionate way.

Knowing what flowers are appropriate to send for funerals and in times of sympathy is important. Our expert florists at GOFORFLOWERS are always on hand to offer help and advice when choosing the perfect tribute.


Many times companies wish to send funeral flowers on their behalf to a work colleague, business associate or family member of a colleague and need help choosing the appropriate arrangement. We are here to help to this.

Often family members or close friends of the deceased are looking for some special floral tribute to be created. Our florists can make bespoke arrangements on demand to offer a personalised and fitting tribute such as a teddy bear, name tribute,  crosses, angels and many more. If you would like a bespoke tribute created be sure to mention this and we will be happy to discuss options.


The family of the deceased gains a lot of comfort and joy from the symbolic power of funeral flower arrangements.  After the funeral or wake is over and the people have left, families take note of all the sympathy flowers and remember the many meaningful relationships enjoyed by the deceased. In this way, funeral flowers are an intimate expression of your love and care.

Your personal relationship can be expressed in a variety of unique and meaningful ways.

All of our funeral flowers are guaranteed and our customer service cannot be matched. Allow us to provide you with the level of care you need so you may express your condolences in a powerful and lasting manner.

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