When should you hire a florist for your wedding day?

What’s the point in waiting? It only adds to your long list of things to do later.

Don’t wait…you never know what could happen.  The more you have organized now, at least from One year to six months, then less you will have to worry about during crunch time. Be prepared. Lots of little things come up in those last couple weeks, and you’ll run yourself ragged if you’re not on the ball. Start thinking about contingencies. Run through it in your head and try to anticipate everything. Because those last weeks, even though you’ll have people to run errands for you, will still be tough.


Keep a notebook so you can have all your ducks in a row. You’ll need to call and confirm with ALL your vendors one month before the wedding. Then again one week before the wedding. Things happen. Vendors have lives, too and personal tragedies happen, so if you call a month ahead, then if your florist keeled over, you’ll have time to make other arrangements. Not that would happen, but what’s a wedding without flowers?