Wedding Flower Policy

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Thank you for considering GOFORFLOWERS for your wedding flower needs. To help ensure your complete satisfaction, here is a quick outline of our Wedding Flower Policy and some other information we’re sure you’ll find helpful when planning for your consultation.

  1. You are encouraged to browse through as many wedding books and magazines as you can stand, prior to your consultation. Bring with you any and all ideas you may have collected, including notes, magazine articles and photos. We will work with you to design a floral package, which will make your special day as beautiful and unique as your dreams.
  2. You should also plan to bring swatches from the wedding party’s dresses, a complete list of all guests who will need flowers and the location to which you’ll want their flowers delivered. (Having guests pick the flowers up at the wedding site, usually works best.) The number and dimensions of any structures provided or areas at the wedding site that you want decorated. The number and sizes of tables at your reception for which you’ll want centerpieces or other decorations.
    A list of restrictions on decorating or flowers, if any, at your wedding and reception site.
  3. Because each and every wedding is different and because of the number of details involved, “ballpark estimates” are just that. However, once the details have been decided upon, you will receive an exact cost proposal.
  4. There is no cost for your initial wedding consultation. However, the number of weddings we can devote our full attention to is limited. So in order to give your wedding our utmost, you should reserve your wedding day on our calendar as soon as possible. GOFORFLOWERS requires a signed Wedding Flower Agreement and a 20% deposit based upon your initial estimate to reserve your wedding day.
  5. Please be sure to allow a window of 3-4 HOURS prior to the start of your wedding for delivery of flowers and any set up of your wedding in order that we do not interfere w/pictures or guests arriving early.
    Many brides choose to move their ceremony flowers to the reception site. GOFORFLOWERS will gladly provide this service; however, it does involve an additional charge of P1000
  6. Delivery to the reception site will be coordinated with the on-premises caterer or wedding planner. We will place all arrangements appropriately provided the facility has the table linens in place. Any arrangements or decorations requiring on-site service by GOFORFLOWERS and set up, will be assessed a service charge on an individual basis. If we are to deliver only to the site whether church or reception site with no set-up involved, then the above delivery rate applies as specified in Number 5.

Remember, this is your special day and at GOFORFLOWERS we are devoted to making your dreams come true. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to bring them to our attention. Our experts are very good at working within a budget and are very willing to offer less expensive solutions if your budget is tighter than you’d like.

Thank you for selecting GOFORFLOWERS to be a part of your special day. We at GOFORFLOWERS feel each bride is an individual. Therefore, each wedding is designed and treated in such a manner as to make YOUR wedding a most beautiful and unforgettable occasion!

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