Wedding Flower Package Prices

Floral prices and what you can do to keep them low for your wedding.

Wedding flower prices vary as much as the brides who are selecting them. Many things affect flower prices and most of them are in your control. So arm yourself with information and spend a little time planning before you select your flowers to make sure you stay within your budget when considering wedding flower prices.
How Many?
One big factor in wedding flower prices is the quantity of flowers that you need. Large, open, reception halls need more flowers than your basic backyard barbecue. The same goes for the type of church you select. Corners may need to be brightened, tables decorated, walls dressed up and all of this will impact the total number of flowers you will need.
The number of guests and the style of reception you are planning will also influence how many flowers you need. Formal receptions might need more arrangements to carry your theme. The thing to do here is make a list of all the different places you think you will want flowers.
What kind?
Another area that will determine your bottom line with regards to wedding flower package prices is the actual flowers you select. Exotic flowers will cost you more than something grown locally. Orchids just won’t grow in the open fields, so unless you live in some tropical paradise, you are going to have shipping and storage costs to protect them from the weather.
The season you are getting married in will also change your floral prices. If you are planning a winter wedding and you want Sunflowers, you will be charged differently than a summer bride. The best advice here is to have several flowers which are your favorites so that if one is out of season or only grown locally, your plans won’t be immediately derailed.
Do-it-yourself or leave it to the pros?
Finally, hiring a professional to handle all your floral needs might change your wedding flower package prices… or not. If you are using Roses or orchids from your aunt’s backyard and the groom’s cousin is doing all the arrangements, then you will definitely save some money. But florists work with wholesalers and can usually get better floral prices for your flowers than you can if they need to be ordered.
Also, think about whether you are going to have time to deal with all the hassle that comes with storing, transporting and arranging all those flowers. If you are the bride, you might have enough to do just with getting married. Getting a florist involved may save your sanity as well as your cash.
Many larger ballrooms and halls have professionals on staff who can handle everything from setting the tables and to handling the flowers. Ask about this service and see what they can provide. It is possible that their wedding flower prices will be on par with local florists and booking all of your reception needs from the food to the decorations with the same person will definitely keep things organized and help you stay on budget.

Check with wedding planners and florists to get an idea of wedding flower package prices. There are dozens of places on the Internet that sell flowers and arrangements, but really check into their reputations. They may be cheaper on the flowers you want, but if those same flowers come wilted, don’t arrive on time, or come in the wrong color, there isn’t going to be much you can do about it. So spend some time getting references and checking with the Better Business Bureau to make sure you are dealing with someone with a solid reputation.

Flowers definitely bring a celebratory air to a wedding and some of your arrangements, like your bridal bouquet, will be in many of your pictures. So, do your homework and make sure you are getting reasonable wedding flower package prices for your wedding flowers. Then sit back and enjoy all that color, fragrance and beauty.