Destination Wedding-Hot Trends Today

One of the most watched trends in wedding today is that of the “destination wedding”. Traditionally, the destination weddings are only available to famous celebrities and wealthy couples. Nowadays, the destination weddings are reasonably price. In fact, the destination weddings cost less than traditional weddings. It has risen together with the growing demand for thematic weddings.

Having a wedding in a new place, somewhere different and away from home,  leave town not only for the honeymoon but also for a unique wedding in a new environment. . I get a lot of email inquiries who are residing abroad (Phil-am) are going back home to be married


Having a destination wedding will not be beautiful without flowers, It is one of the most important ingredients to enable to cook a beautiful wedding day.

Every bride and groom desire to make their wedding day special, and the wedding flowers-the choice of floral theme, color and style-is one of the most effective way to do so.


A strong trend for brides as related to flowers is personalization. Brides these days are career driven professionals who each have distinct tastes and styles. Brides like to have their weddings be a reflection of them and the couple’s personalities,  It can be overwhelming to think about what flowers you would like for your wedding with all the choices you need to make to ensure your wedding day is spectacular while you still stay within your budget, and for anyone thinking it’s great idea to do your own flowers to save money and get your creative groove on, you’ll have to think again. Doing your own flowers is very time consuming and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could destroy your flowers and double your expenses as you end up working with a florist in the end anyway.


Now in a destination wedding if u want your venue to be decorated with entire flowers and styling set-up I should recommend you hire a florist from home and it’s a wise decision to let a florist do your wedding flowers for you, its time to get to work with this skilled professional and design the wedding look of ones be able to shape your vision into a reality. Better yet, if you are clueless about flower choices and design, your florist can add the artistic touch you need to really personalize your wedding flowers and create a unique floral element all your own.

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